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October 13, 2014   

Indiana Business Bulletin

COMMENTARY – by Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D.
Worrying About a Stock Bubble

Conditions hint that we could be in for another financial crisis.

Nowadays about three-quarters of households will eventually own retirement plans. This makes most of us dirty capitalists who wish to see our retirement funds grow. This motivates us, or more typically the financial firms that manage our funds, to seek out the optimal mix of risk and reward for our hard-saved dollars. Today’s financial markets offer few good choices for retirement investments, and that is both a symptom and cause of a problem.

Read the full text: Worrying About a Stock Bubble

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DID YOU KNOW? – by Dagney Faulk, PhD
September Employment

Employment numbers for industry sectors were recently released for September 2014. I took a look at job growth in the service sectors (includes wholesale, retail, financial activities, business services, education and health and more) and goods producing sectors (includes mining, construction and manufacturing).

Jobs in the service providing sectors increased by 2.24 million (1.9 percent ) to 120.3 million jobs since September 2013. Over the same period jobs in the goods producing sectors increased by 445,000 (2.34 percent ) to 19.5 million workers. The graphs below show the steady increase of jobs in the service providing sectors and the variability of jobs in the goods producing sector since the late 1930s.

Table: Employment by sector

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