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For the week of May 18, 2015   

Indiana Business Bulletin

COMMENTARY – by Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D.
Are Low Interest Rates and Tax Abatements to Blame for Low Wage Growth?

Average wages are stalled at 1990s levels.

Despite the continued tightening of labor markets, average wages are stalled at 1990s levels. This can only be partially explained by the Great Recession. Something else more worrisome is occurring. That trend and its causes are far more worrisome.

Read the full text: Are Low Interest Rates and Tax Abatements to Blame for Low Wage Growth?

Last week's commentary: Measuring School Quality

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DID YOU KNOW? – by Dagney Faulk, PhD
Key Sectors for Regional Economies

Last week, the Center for Business and Economic Research released four more regional reports on key economic sectors in Indiana. These four reports focus on the Indianapolis ring counties (Region 5), Muncie-New Castle (Region 6), Terre Haute (Region 7) and Bloomington (Region 8).

The reports provide information on the size, relative share, diversification, regional import/export, and value added for the advanced manufacturing, biosciences, emerging media and information technology, and logistics sectors that have been the focus of economic development efforts in the state, along with a variety of regional subsectors.

View the reports for each region:

Reports for Regions 1-4 (northern Indiana) and a state overview are also available:

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