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For the week of Aug 22, 2016   


COMMENTARY – by Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D.
The Importers Benefit from Trade

Unbalanced trade activity points to an unbalance in efficiency.

Most Americans think incorrectly about the benefits of free trade. The general view is that it is good to export more than you import, and that the advantage is to the seller. This is how many in the 'buy local' movement view the world, along with those folks still clinging to the 'economic base theory' of local economic development. It is also precisely how George III viewed the world, but also he had the excuse of insanity.

Read the full text: The Importers Benefit from Trade

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DID YOU KNOW? – by Dagney Faulk, PhD
July Housing Starts

Data on July 2016 U.S. housing starts was recently released. Housing starts for new, privately-owned structures continue to increase coming in at over 1.2 million units (seasonally adjusted), a 5.58% year-over-year increase. Growth was led by single family (1-unit) structures and large (5+) unit structures with 1.32% and 15.16% year-over-year increases, respectively.

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August 25, 2016

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August 26, 2016

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