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September 15, 2014   

Indiana Business Bulletin

COMMENTARY – by Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D.
Focus on Shrinking the Federal Government

Most of our current problems are at the local level: schools, crime, housing, unemployment, and poverty.

Small government sentiments run strong in Indiana, and we can be pleased with many of the outcomes it fosters: low taxes, a more thoughtful regulatory environment and more personal freedom. Still, I think much of the small government movement thought in Indiana targets the wrong problems. In so doing its supporters quite perversely weaken their arguments and lessen their influence.

Read the full text: Focus on Shrinking the Federal Government

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DID YOU KNOW? – by Dagney Faulk, Ph.D.
BLS Employment

The latest employment data shows U.S. employment at 146.4 million about even with the prerecession peak. Employment has been increasing slowly but steadily, the aggregate employment numbers include both part time and full time workers. Various press accounts have indicated that many people who would like to be working full time are actually working part time.

I took a quick look at the numbers to try and get a handle on the issue. The BLS's Employment Situation Summary shows about 7.2 million people (about 5 percent of employed persons) working part-time for economic reasons in August 2014 which means that they can't find full time work or their hours have been reduced to less than 35 hours per week. In contrast, the number of part time workers (for economic reasons) in August 2007 was about 4.6 million (about 3 percent of employed persons). That is about a two percentage points difference in the proportion of workers that are part time now compared to before the recession.

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